In this game, you have to take the position of the minister for energy management of this city.
One of the jobs that comes along with the position is Managing the system for power, Making sure that every citizen gets the neccesary amount of power on time.

You will have to pick the appropriate energy sources and place them accordingly, in a manner that every region has access to sufficient power. You will also have to make sure that the price of providing energy does not go over the given budget, or the maximum carbon emission output, in the given time frame.

The user has to plan the energy landscape of the city for 10 years given that Population will increase, power plants will increase, energy demand will increase every year given the budget is fixed given by the energy ministry and emissions caps are fixed according to environment minister guidelines.

Energy Plant Type Energy Produced (MWH/annum) Emission (Megaton/annum) Cost (Billion $)
Coal 3,066,000.00 1,100.00 2.00
Solar 219,000.00 90.00 0.30
Nuclear 4,380,000.00 25.00 7.00
BioFuel 2,628,000.00 620.00 0.70
Natgas 3,504,000.00 710.00 0.60
Play Area
Game Started.
Time remaining
Current Year 1
Energy Plant
Current Status
Years Passed 0
Energy Demand (MWH) 2,000,000.00
Energy Produced (MWH) 0.00
CO2 Emission (Megaton) 0.00
Budget Used (Billion $) 0.00
CO2 Emission Cap (Megaton) 2,600.00
Budget Cap (Billion $) 22.00